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  • Agrani School and College

Category: Education

Agrani School and College is located at the heart of Azimpur Colony, Azimpur, Dhaka. Along with some other noble-minds’ aspiration, the School was founded by Dr Quazi Anwara Mansoor in the year 1957 and inaugurated on 21st January of the same year. Hence, every year, 21st January is celebrated as the birthday of Agrani School. It recognized as the first kindergarten school of Bangladesh. Agrani is an institution only for girls; vastly contributing for advancement of girls' education in Bangladesh. During its inauguration, there were only fourteen (14) students which now exceeds to four thousand (4000). Agrani School and College’s former name was Azimpur Kindergarten.

It has celebrated 60th birth-anniversary on January 21, 2016. Besides school section, the institution has a college section as well. Agrani School and College’s headmistress is Mrs Rokeya Mannan, commonly called her ‘Tulu Appa’; received ‘Begum Rokeya Padak’ in 2006 for her contribution to Education in Bangladesh.

Contact Info:

Agrani School and College:
Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 8625917
E-mail: agrani_skl@yahoo.com

Website: www.agranischoolandcollege.weebly.com

Website: www.facebook.com/agrani.school

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