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Somewhere In Blog

World’s first and largest Bangla blogging community, Somewhere In Blog was started its journey on the 16th December 2005. is the most popular Bangla blogging community in the world. There are different people with variant opinions and Somewhere In Blog is an open space for those who want to share their thoughts and opinions to others in Bangla Language. Click here for more...


Founded on 21 February 2008, Techtunes is the largest and world's first complete unicode based Bangla technology blogging place in Bangladesh. Techtunes is an open place for all, where people can share their ideas, in Bangla language, including advance computing, IT news, new appliance, mobile, science & technology etc. Click here for more...


Sachalayatan, also informally called Sachal, is a leading blogging site in Bangladesh. Sachal is available both in Bangla and English language. Sachalayatan is an open platform where anyone can write and share their ideas, thoughts, feelings etc with others by following some rules. Click here for more...

Khelar Jagat

Founded in 2010, Khelar Jagat (Sports world) is the first Bangladeshi sports blog in Bangla-language which mainly focuses on the Bangladeshi Sports. This is a popular online portal where Bangla-speaking people all over the world. Click here for more...

Biggani (also known as Biggani Blog) is a popular Bangla science and technology related blogging site in Bangladesh. Biggani Blog is an online platform and meeting destination of the Scientists, Technicians and Professionals. was launched on 6 March 2006. The site was come to light by the initiative of two expatriate Bengali Scientists – Dr Mashiur Rahma and Dr Shafiul Islam. Click here for more...


Kaagoj is the first Bangladeshi community blog in English-language. launched on March 6, 2013. This blogging site commenced its journey to serve Bangladeshi different issues like political, religious, social issues, etc. to the world. Click here for more...


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