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  • Amar Odhikar

Category: Law, Justice & Legal Service

Amar Odhikar (My Right) is a campaign based alliance of concerned citizen of Bangladesh drawn from diverse backgrounds working with an aim to do advocacy and lobby with the government to ensure fundamental rights for all, especially for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people of Bangladesh who are deprived from their common facilities/rights. This alliance started its Campaign on 25th Oct 2008 in Dhaka with an aim to establish essential rights of primary education. The campaign of this alliance is coordinated by a Campaign Management Team. This team gets contribution and other supports from the alliance members, and works to make sure the further development and delivery of the operational plan; and appropriate ways of working together in the alliance. Amar Odhikar is campaigning to ensure quality education for all the children in Bangladesh in light of ‘National Education Policy-2010’, advance of primary teachers training quality, establish primary school in all villages, ensure cent percent literacy by 2015 in the Country and more.

Contact Info:

Amar Odhikar Camaign (AOC)
17/1-B (3rd Floor),
Block-B, Babar Road,
Mohammmadpur, Dhaka-1207,
Telephone: + 88 02 9136839,
Fax: +88 02 9136939
E-mail: info@amarodhikar.org

Website: www.amarodhikar.org

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