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  • Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), in Bangla known as Bangladesh Paramanu Krishi Gobeshona Institute, is a specialized national agricultural research Institute started its functioning since 1961. BINA is located in the campus of the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh. Bangladesh Paramanu Krishi Gobeshona Institute has the mandate to do agricultural research by using nuclear and other advanced techniques for the purpose of ensuring productive and sustainable agricultural development through evolution of new varieties of crops, improvement of crops, scientific management of land and water, management of soils and fertilizers, development and improve of quality of crops, development of methods for control of disease and insect, and management of pest.

Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture has already developed 74 improved mutant varieties of different crops. These developed crops have been released by the National Seed Board of Bangladesh for wide-ranging cultivation in the farmers' field. Its some of the mutant varieties are: Iratom-24, Binadhan-7, Binadhan-8, Binadhan-9, Binadhan-10, Binadhan-11, Binadhan-12, Binadhan-13 and Binadhan-14 of rice, Binamoog-2 & Binamoog-5 of mungbean, Binasarisha-3, Binasarisha-4 and Binasarisha-5 of rapeseed, Binachinabadam-2, Binachnabadam-3, Binachnabadam-4, Binachnabadam-5 and Binachnabadam-6 of groundnut.

It also provides agricultural engineering and training programmes for scientists, agri personnel, and farmers; publishes annual report, agricultural manuals, monograms, bulletins etc. For its tremendous contribution in the field of agriculture, BINA has been awarded President Gold Medal in 1979-80. It also achieved awards from Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS), Women Scientists Society, Kazi Mahbubullah Trust, and more.

Contact Info:

Contact Address of Director General:
Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA),
BAU Campus, Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 880-91-67834
Fax: 880-91-67842
E-mail: dg@bina.gov.bd

Contact Address of Director (Research) :
Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA),
BAU Campus, Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 880-91-67835
Fax: 880-91-67843
E-mail: dirresearch@bina.gov.bd

Contact Address of Director (Adminstration and Support Service) :
Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA),
BAU Campus, Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 880-91-67837
Fax: 880-91-62131
E-mail: diradmin@bina.gov.bd

Website: www.bina.gov.bd

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