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  • HEED Handicrafts

Category: Arts & Entertainment

HEED Handicrafts is a Fair Trade Organization established in 1978 as a subsidiary project of HEED Bangladesh. Nowadays, Heed Handicrafts has 22 projects connected with various sectors, and Heed Handicrafts is one of them. The project has been developed to help the marginalized, underprivileged and disadvantaged people of the society through producing and marketing handicrafts goods so that they can achieve a better livelihood and promote the economy of the country. The Project is also dedicated to create jobs and employment for the poor & disadvantaged people through handicrafts production by proper utilization of locally available environment friendly resources.

Heed Handicrafts seeks to improve socio-economic condition of the producers or artisans in the country. To enhance the knowledge about Handicraft products and market, it provides proper training and education to the producers/artisans.

Currently, HEED Handicrafts works on a wide range of handicrafts products including Handloom Products, Jute Products, Leather Products, Clay Products, Recycled Glass, Ceramic, Straw Art Products, Hand Made Paper Products, Bamboo Products, Palm Fiber Products, Wooden Products, Recycled Materials Products, Hogla-Leaf Products, Cane Products, Date-Leaf Products, Palm-Leaf Products, Tin Sheet Products, Embroidery Item, Christmas decoration Products etc.

The target beneficiaries of HEED Handicrafts project are 10,000+ artisans of 300 groups from all over the country of whom about 60% are female.

Contact Info:

HEED Handicrafts:
Plot: B/17, BSCIC Industrial Area
Tongi, Gazipur-1710, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-9803632, 880-2-9803829, 880-2-9802610
Fax: 880-2-9802974
Email: handicrafts@heed-bangladesh.com

Website: www.heedhandicrafts.org

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