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  • Hortex Foundation

Category: Agriculture & Environment

The Horticulture Export Development Foundation, commonly known as Hortex Foundation, is a non-profit environmental friendly organization under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh. Hortex Foundation born in the year 1993, under the Companies Act of 1913, for development, promotion and marketing of exportable horticultural crops and products. The Organization is managed by a governing body consisted of seven (7) members from whom two members drawn from public and five from private sector. The Horticulture Export Development Foundation is contributing for extension and promotion of exportable high quality agro-commodities from Bangladesh. Hortex has affiliation with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) Agencies like BARC, BARI , DAE (Department of Agricultural Extension), BFVAPEA, BAPA, etc.

Contact Info:

Horticulture Export Development Foundation (Hortex Foundation):
Sech Bhaban (3rd Floor, Western Side), 22 Manik Mia Avenue,
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Telephone: +88-02-9125181(Direct)
+88-02-9125926, 9138768, 9101065 (PABX)
Fax: +88-02-9125181, 9141331
E-mail: hortex@hortex.org

Website: www.hortex.org

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