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  • National AgriCare Group

Category: Agriculture & Environment

National AgriCare Group is a leading agro based business house in Bangladesh. Since its inception, the Group has been growing by the dynamic initiative of KSM Mostafizur Rahman, the Managing Director of the Group, and contributing in the agriculture sector of Bangladesh through various products & services.

The companies under this Group are involved in following major businesses Chemicals, Seeds, Solar energy, Sustainable Real estate business, and Agricultural solution. Currently, it is trading more than 13 insecticides, 7 fungicides, 3 fertilizers, 3 herbicides, 3 plant growth regulators, 2 fisheries, and 1 matricide products. National AgriCare Group of Bangladesh has nine (9) regional branches in Bogra, Comilla, Dinajpur, Mymensing, Narsandi, Rajsahi, Jinaidah, Rangpur and Barisal founded to promote its products & business. It has more than 250 employees and about 450 appointed dealers throughout the Country.

The Concerns of National AgriCare Group:
* National AgiCare Import & Export Ltd. (emerged in the year of 2001)
* China Gardencity Developers Ltd. (emerged in the year of 2002)
* National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd. (emerged in July 2007)
* National AgriCare & Youngsun Manufacturing Cor. Ltd. (emerged in the year 2008)
* National AgriCare Solar Power Ltd.
* Momena Montaj Foundation (a social welfare organization in Bangladesh)

Contact Info:

Corporate Office of National Agricare Group:
Concord Center Point (10th Floor), Farmgate,
Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh
Phone: 9143440, 8141550
Fax: 88-02-9140967
E-mail: info@nationalagricare.com, it@nationalagricare.com, agricare@citechco.net

Website: www.nationalagricare.com

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