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  • Bangladesh Association of Phoenix (BAP)

Category: Probashi Bangladesh

Bangladesh Association of Phoenix (BAP) is a Bangladeshi Community’s non-profit, non-political, social and cultural organization in Phoenix, USA. BAP was founded to uphold religious and cultural values of Bangladeshis residing in the area of Metropolitan Phoenix. Bangladesh Association of Phoenix was born in 1986. Since its inception, BAP has been serving the greater Phoenix community. It maintains close alliance with other communities of Phoenix.

BAP organizes cultural-program, social-gathering, picnic, educational-program, Eid reunion, Baishakhi Mela, sports-program etc. The Association also involved in different charity activities. Bangladesh Association of Phoenix’s present President, who is chief of the association, is Mohammad Lasker (Khasru).

Membership of the Association is opened for all persons without regard to nationality, race, religion, place of residence but shall have to subscribe to the Association and abide by its rules, and regulations.

Contact Info:

Bangladesh Association of Phoenix (BAP):
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Call (President): 623-229-1969
E-mail (President): mlasker@yahoo.com

Website: www.baphx.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Bangladesh-Association-of-Phoenix-BAP-129534163779890/

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