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  • Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association (BAMMA), Bogra

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association (BAMMA) is a leading trade organization representing the agricultural machinery traders, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and industries of Bangladesh. BAMMA arranges seminar, symposium, training etc for its members. Creates links with Government, Semi Government, Autonomous body and NGOs for promotion and well-being of this organization and its field.

BAMMA Bogra is a branch of Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association representing the Agricultural Machinery Merchants of Bogra District. It was previously known as “Bogra Mill Machinery Baboshai Malik Somity” which was become apparent in 1986.

Afterwards, an initiative was taken by BAMMA to open Bogra District branch of the Organization. As a result, Bogra Mill Machinery Baboshai Malik Somity was abolished, and BAMMA Bogra was come into being which was approved by the central committee of Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association on 24th September 1993.

Its first elected President was Mr. Abu Hasanat Azad. At present, the Present of BAMMA Bogra branch is Md. Sarkar Badol. BAMMA Bogra branch is recognized as the largest trade organization in Bogra.

Contact Info:

Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association:
27-32, Madanpal Lane (Muktijodha Model Complex), 6th floor,
Nababpur Road, Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh
Telephone no.: 7118678
E-mail: bammaheadoffice@gmail.com

Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association, Bogra District Branch:
19, 20 Shaptopodi Market (2nd Floor), Bogra, Bangladesh
Phone: +88051-62964
Fax: +88051-67942
Mobile: +8801712508094
E-mail: info@bammabograbd.org

Website: www.bammabograbd.org

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