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  • Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)

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Established in 1972, Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a constitutional body of Bangladesh Government working mainly to recruit efficient and appropriate persons in various services and posts of government. As one of the noted constitutional bodies of Bangladesh Government, the Commission selects suitable candidates for the govt. to make its activities more speedy and effective. The most prestigious Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) candidates are selected by this Commission. BPSC is highly responsible for processing most of the public service related matters including discipline, posting, promotion, transfer etc. BPSC conducts tests & examinations, and prepares results to select appropriate candidates for appointment to the govt. service. Moreover, Bangladesh Public Service Commission consults with the government regarding various issues cognate to it. The main headquarters of BPSC is located in Dhaka. It also has some zonal offices in different cities. The Commission works under the provisions of the Article no. 137 - 141 of the Constitution of Bangladesh. The Head of this Commission is called Chairman who is highly responsible for smooth functioning of BPSC.

List of Chairmen of BPSC:
* Dr. A.Q.M. Buzlul Karim [15-05-1972 to 15-12-1977]
* Mohiuddin Ahmed [25-05-1972 to 14-12-1977]
* M. Moydul Islam [22-12-1977 to 21-12-1982]
* Fayaz Uddin Ahmed [22-12-1982 to 31-05-1986]
* S.M. Al Hossaini [01-06-1986 to 01-05-1991]
* Professor Dr. Iazuddin Ahmed [14-09-1991 to 31-01-1993]
* Professor Dr. S.M. A. Foyaz [07-03-1993 to 05-03-1998]
* Professor Dr. Md. Mustafa Chowdhury [25-03-1998 to 23-01-2002]
* Professor. Dr. Z. N. Tahomida Begum [09-05-2002 to 07-05-2007]
* Dr. Saadat Husain [09-05-2007 to 23-11-2011]
* A. T Ahmedul Huq Choudhury, PPM [27-11-2011 to 20-12-2013]
* Ekram Ahmed [24-12-2013 to Present]

Contact Info:

A. Y. M Nesar Uddin:
Controller of Examinations (Cadre)
E-mail: e_cc@bpsc.gov.bd
Phone: +88-02-8114329
Fax: +88-02-9126348

Md. Ali Noor:
Controller of Examinations (Non-Cadre)
Phone: +88-02-9112855

Website: www.bpsc.gov.bd

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