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  • Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI) is the only research institute in Bangladesh which has the mandated to conduct research on sugarcane and its relevant things. BSRI was established in 1951 and its head-quarter is located at Ishurdi, Pabna.

It also has two Regional Sugarcane Research Stations (RSRS) at Joydevpur, Gazipur and Madargonj, Thakurgaon, and a Quarantine Station at Joydevpur, Gazipur. In addition, Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute has six sub-stations at Joypurhat, Chuadanga, Rahamatpur (Barishal), Rajshahi, Jamalpur, and Chunarughat (Hobiganj).

The Institute is run under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. BSRI mainly performed two basic functions they are: (1) Development of sugarcane variety as well as improved production technology and (2) Dissemination of varieties and technologies to the farming community.

Contact Info:

Ishurdi, Pabna
Contact Info of Director General of BSRI:
Phone: 07326-63628
E-mail: bsri@bsri.gov.bd, dg-bsri@bsri.gov.bd

Website: www.bsri.gov.bd

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