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  • Center for Bangladesh Genocide Research (CBGR)

Category: Glorious Bangladesh

Center for Bangladesh Genocide Research (CBGR) was created to uplifts the history of 1971 genocide. CBGR promotes its activities through documentation, study, research, and interpretation of Bangladesh Liberation War initiated on 26 March 1971 and ended on 16 December 1971 with the liberation of Bangladesh. It is an American institution. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Jalal is the Chairman of this institution and is the chief architect and primary researcher of CBGR; and Mr. Jalal is assisted by Raihan Jamil, Ph.D. who is an Assistant Professor in the College of Business at Zayed University, UAE.

Center for Bangladesh Genocide Research (CBGR):
Irving, TX 75061, USA
Phone: +1 214 603 6394
Email: 1@cbgr1971.org


Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/cbgr1971

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