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  • Financial Management Academy (FIMA)

Category: Government Website

Financial Management Academy (FIMA) is a specialized Government training institute which is offering different training courses in the field of financial management. FIMA is situated at Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Financial Management Academy is the only training institution of its kind in the country. FIMA is a training wing of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (OCAG), Bangladesh.

The Academy is providing efficient and effective training in the field of public sector auditing. Its key aim is to produce skilled auditors and accountants in the public sector of Bangladesh. The Institute is also offering different courses on financial management for the Government personnel of various Ministries, Divisions, and Departments.

Financial Management Academy (FIMA) started its journey in 1962 as the Audit and Accounts Training Academy (AATA). After the emergence of Bangladesh, it was upgraded a Training Centre in 1974. The Audit and Accounts Training Academy (AATA) renamed as Financial Management Academy (FIMA) in the year 1997.

List of Few Training Courses Offered by Financial Management Academy (FIMA):
- CIPFA Diploma Course
- CGDF Auditors\' Orientation Course
- Financial Management Course
- Modern Office Management Course
- BCS Officers Departmental Training
- Training in Budgeting and Accounting System (TIBAS)
- SAS/SRAS Part-1
- SAS/SRAS Part-2
- And More…

Contact Info:

Financial Management Academy (FIMA):
A / 7, Lalasarai, Mirpur-14, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: 8715395, 8061733
Fax: 8715399
E-mail: office@fima.gov.bd

Website: www.fima.gov.bd

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