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  • Hakkani Group

Category: Business

Hakkani Group is an industrial group in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The Group was founded by the dynamic supervision of Al-haj Md. Abdullah, also the founder chairman of the Group. Today, Hakkani Groupís businesses spread in Ė paper mills, transport sector, filling station, vehicles treading, and telecommunication. The Groupís first sister concern is Hakkani Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd., a Public Limited Company registered at RJSC (Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms), Government of Bangladesh, in the year 1996.

List of Companies under HAKKANI GROUP:
* Hakkani Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. (one of the leading paper manufactures in Bangladesh, and the factory of this company is located at Patiya, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Paper & Board Mills (PVT.) LTD. (the Factory of this company is located at Boalkhali, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Paper Mills (PVT.) LTD. (the Factory of this company is located at Boalkhali, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Motors Ltd. (a leading transport company located at Pahartali, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Refueling Station Unit-1(the oldest and domineering filling station in Chittagong City)
* Hakkani Refueling Station Unit-2 (at North Pahartali, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Corporation (at North Pahartali, Chittagong, Bangladesh)
* Hakkani Distribution (at Sitakund Bazar, Sitakund, Chittagong)
* Hakkani Communication (at A.K. Khan Moor, Alankar, Chittagong)
* Alaul Filling Station & CNG Conversion Workshop (at Hathazari, Chittagong)

Contact Info:

2, Dhaka Trunk Road, North Pahartali, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-31-751463-4, 750990
Fax: 880-31-752344
E-mail: info@hakkanigroup.com

Website: www.hakkanigroup.com

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