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  • Partex Group

Category: Business

Partex Group is one of the largest industrial companies in Bangladesh, established in 1959 by the prominent business magnate M.A Hashem. Having about 60 companies, the Group has expanded its business units in various sectors including agribusiness, foods and beverages, dairy, real estate, furniture, steel, plastics, paper, etc. Partex has been obtained a good reputation both in home and abroad chiefly for its quality products, business ethics and values. Currently, Partex Group is lead by the family generation consisting of Mr. Aziz Al-Kaiser, Mr. Aziz Al-Mahmood, Mr. Aziz Al-Masud, Mr. Showkat Aziz Russell and Mr. Rubel Aziz. Due to proliferation of business, Partex Star Group, a concern of Partex Group, was created, which Chairperson is Mrs. Sultana Hashem, wife of M.A Hashem. At present, Partex Group keeps more than 25,000 work forces.

List of Companies & Associates of Partex Group:
- Star Particle Board Mills Limited
- Partex Furniture
- Partex Builders Limited
- Partex Laminates Limited
- Partex PVC Industries Limited
- Partex Agro Limited
- Rubel Steel Mills Limited
- Corvee Maritime Co. Limited
- Ferrotechnic Limited
- Partex Limited
- Partex Housing Limited
- Danish Foods Limited
- Danish Distribution Network Limited
- Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited
- Danish Dairy Farm Limited
- Amber Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd
- Partex Paper Mills Ltd
- Partex Board Mills Ltd
- Partex Sugar Mills Ltd
- Amber Cotton Mills Ltd (Unit-1)
- Amber Cotton Mills Ltd (Unit-2)
- Partex Denim Ltd
- Partex Denim Mills Ltd
- Partex Holdings
- DhakaCom Limited
- Partex Properties Ltd
- Partex Beverage Ltd
- Partex Plastics Ltd
- Partex Foundry Ltd
- Partex Jute Ltd
- Partex Shipyards Ltd
[Source: Website of Partex Group]

Contact Info:

Partex Group:
House # 37, Road # 1
Block # I, Banani
Tel : +880 2 9872340 9872370
Fax : +880 2 9872360
E-mail: mail@partexgroup.com

Website: www.partexgroup.com

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