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  • Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Established in 1994, Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) is a non-profit organization representing the fertilizer dealers, manufacturers and importers in Bangladesh. BFA is currently an organization of 7000+ members.

As a leading association, Bangladesh Fertilizer Association is actively working to develop, protect, support and promote all fertilizers and plant nutrients in the country. It has representation in different Government Committees and involvement in various activities with international organizations. The Association is an 'A' class active member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI). BFA is involved in various research projects collaboration with national and international institutions.

Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) has a monthly publication named ‘URBORA’ and a half yearly journal titled ‘Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture and Environment (BJAE)’. At present, the Chairman of Bangladesh Fertilizer Association is Mr. Kamrul Ashraf Khan Poton.

Contact Info:

Bangladesh Fertilizer Association:
Al-Razi complex (5th Floor)
166-167, Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani
Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000
Phone & Fax (PABX): 880-2-9515230-31, Fax: 9515232


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