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Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, also known as Pathshala, is one of the leading media institutes in South Asia. It was established in 1998 by Shahidul Alam, a famous writer, activist, and director of Chobi Mela. Pathshala is the teaching branch of Drik Picture Library Ltd. Pathshala South Asian Media Institute offers short and long-term courses mainly on Photography, and Broadcast & Multimedia. Click here for more...

Bengal Foundation

Since the set up in 1986 by Mr Abul Khair, famous Bangladeshi industrialist, entrepreneur and art enthusiast, Bengal Foundation has been a registered private trust involved mainly in promoting and developing the country’s rich heritage of art, drama, crafts, painting, music, and literature through various approaches. Click here for more...

Chobi Mela

Chobi Mela is an International Festival of Photography held every two years in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is the biggest photography event in Asia. The first Chobi Mela International Photography Festival was held in Dhaka from December 1999 to January 2000. In each Photography Festival, many Photographers from national and international arena participate to exhibit their pictures. Click here for more...

Dhaka Art College

Dhaka Art College is one of the prime Fine Art Institutes in Bangladesh. It was established in 2006 with a view to enhancing art and cultural education in the country. Since 2007, the Institute has been running under the National University of Bangladesh. Dhaka Art College is directed by the famous teachers and artists mostly drawn from the Fine Arts institute of Dhaka University. Click here for more...

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is the national prime cultural institute of Bangladesh. The Academy is also known as the National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, Bangladesh. Shilpakala Academy was established in 1974 to cherish and develop arts & culture of Bangladesh. Click here for more...

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC)

Founded in 1957, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) is the national film institute of Bangladesh. The Institute is mostly known as FDC in Bangladesh. Since its inception, BFDC has been working for the development of country’s film industry by providing various types of facilities including Click here for more...

Jago Art Center

The Jago Art Center is one of the best fine arts institutes in Bangladesh offering various services to the art enthusiasts including dance, Spanish guitar, art, music & tabla. The Institute is mostly known as one of the best & oldest dance schools in Bangladesh. Click here for more...

Gallery Jolrong

Gallery Jolrong is a renowned art platform in Bangladesh disclosing Bangladeshi talented artists, whose vision and creativity always represent Bangladesh, and promoting their art works (like paintings, printmaking, sculpture etc) in the local as well as global art market. Click here for more...

Bangladesh Film Censor Board (BFCB)

Bangladesh Film Censor Board (BFCB) is the only national statutory department for examining and certifying all kinds of films for public exhibition. BFCB runs under the Ministry of Information of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Click here for more...

Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS)

Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS) is a leading organization of the photographers of Bangladesh. It was founded in 1976 by few Bangladeshi senior photographers to organize the Country’s professional and amateur photographers in one platform and work for the prosperous of its arena. Click here for more...

Samdani Art Foundation

Samdani Art Foundation was founded by the collector couple Nadia Samdani & Rajeeb Samdani in 2011 as a not-for-profit organization with a view to promoting Bangladeshi contemporary art in the international arena. Since its inception, Samdani Art Foundation has been working to create awareness about Bangladeshi art internationally and provide a platform for the Bangladeshi young and mastermind artists by supporting them in various ways. Click here for more...

Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS)

Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) is the only film society at University of Dhaka, affiliated with the Dhaka University Central Student's Union (DUCSU). It is also one of the leading film organizations of Bangladesh. Dhaka University Film Society was originally founded in 1962. Click here for more...

Bangladesh Film Institute (BFI)

Bangladesh Film Institute (BFI) was come into being in 2005 as a renowned cinema and film-making institute for the dedicated young film-makers of Bangladesh. Tanvir Mokammel, a famous Bangladeshi film-maker, is the director of BFI. Tanvir and many renowned film personalities teach the art of cinema, film appreciation course and documentary film-making workshop at the Institute to the committed young generation. Click here for more...

Dhaka Art Center

Founded in January 2010, the Dhaka Art Center is one of the best platforms for art and artists in Bangladesh. It endeavors to encourage and progress of contemporary visual art in Bangladesh. The Art Center is devoted for the exhibition and discussion of artists’ work(s) in the medium. Dhaka Art Center offers various services through its Studios, Galleries, Auditorium, and Resource Center. Click here for more...

Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF)

Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) is a familiar film event held in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 1992. This is one of the most reputable film festivals in Bangladesh. DIFF was come into existence by the initiative of Rainbow Film Society, a reputed organization, mainly involved for the promotion of film in the world, founded in 1991 at Whitechapel Art Gallery in East London, UK. Click here for more...


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