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Bangladesh River Research Institute is the national autonomous research organization established in 1977. The Headquarters of River Research Institute (RRI) is located at Harukandi in Faridpur, Bangladesh. The Institute is working under the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Bangladesh. Since its establishment, RRI has been conducting multi-disciplinary tests and researches for sustainable planning, design and management of different water resources development projects/plans of the country.

The River Research Institute of Bangladesh is run by a Board of Governors, consists of nine (9) numbers, Chaired by the Honorable Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. RRI is consists of three (3) directorates – Hydraulic Research, Geotechnical Research, and Administration & Finance.

Since September 1998, the Institute has been publishing News Letter three (3) times a year. Besides, it has been publishing a yearly journal titled as ‘Technical Journal’ since 1991, which had gotten recognition from International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) in 2000, and its serial number is ISSN 1606-9277.

Contact Info:

River Research Institute (RRI):
Harukandi, Faridpur-7800
Phone of Director General: 0631-63007
E-mail of Director General:


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