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  • Alim Industries Limited

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Alim Industries Limited was established by Mr. M.A. Alim Chowdhury in 1990 in South Surma, BSCIC Industrial Estate, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It manufacturers all the agro machineries namely - Ploughing Machines, Seeding and Plantation Machineries, Irrigation Machineries, Fertilizer and Insecticides Applying Machineries, Dryer Machine, Harvesting Machineries, Threshers, Winnower, Post Harvesting Machinery, Drum Seeder, Aquaculture Machineries, and more.

Since establishment, Alim Industries strives to provide full-fledged innovative agro machineries products for farmers. Today, Alim Industries Limited is one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers from Sylhet, Bangladesh. Presently, the company's Chairman is Mr. Alimus Sadat Chowdhury, and Managing Director is Mr. Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury.

Contact Info:


Alim Industries Limited
BSCIC, Industrial Estate,
Gutatikor Kodomtoli, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Phone: 09611969696(Hotline) +880821 840662/840664(office)


Published Date: 03/12/2020

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