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Since 2003, Katalyst has been working as a market development project in Bangladesh, co-funded by the UK Government, Sustainable Development Commission (SDC), and Danida. It operates under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh, and jointly implemented by Swisscontact and GIZ International Services. It aims to increase and enhance the income of the poor and marginal farmers in rural and urban areas and small and medium enterprises, through absolute utilization of the services, inputs and product markets. Thereby the project can contribute to the sustainable poverty reduction in Bangladesh. Katalyst’s activities are scattered throughout the country, and its target beneficiaries are mostly the farmers and small enterprises employing poor people.

Katalyst operates its activities Phase by Phase. Its Phase-I (2003-2008) helped to create around 200,000 jobs and benefited 700,000 farmers and small businesses, by increasing their access to better services, technology, inputs and representation. The project’s Phase-II (March 2008 – March 2013) aimed to promote the competitiveness and income of 2.3 million farmers and small businesses. The Phase-III started in March 2014 and will be continued until March 2017.

Katalyst, along with Chandrabati Academy, contributed to launch the first journalism guidebook on agriculture ‘Krishi Shangbadikota’ (Agriculture Journalism) in the country.

Contact Info:

House 20, Road 6
Baridhara, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Telephone: +88 (02) 883 3172-4
Fax: +88 (02) 883 5452


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