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  • Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC)

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Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) is the national regulatory authority for promoting and maintaining quality benchmark of medical education, and providing recognition to the medical and dental graduates in Bangladesh. BMDC was established in 1980 under the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council Act 1980, passed by the Parliament on 09 April 1980.

BMDC’s recognized/registers doctors have the legal permission to do practice in Bangladesh. The standard of medical Education in the country is supervised and maintained by BMDC. Its main & only office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council is working as a safeguard of the health and safety of public people of the country by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.

The Council is headed by a President, elected by the members of BMDC from amongst themselves. At present, Prof. Dr. Mohammod Shahidullah is the President of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC).

Contact Info:


Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC):
# 203, Shaheed Sayed Nazrul Islam Sarani (86, Bijoy Nagar),
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880-2-9555236
FAX: +880-2-9555236


Published Date: 11/11/2014

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