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  • Bangladesh Publishers & Book-Sellers Association (BAPUS)

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Bangladesh Publishers & Booksellers Association (BAPUS) is the central organization of the publishing industry in Bangladesh. BAPUS is apex body of books & publishing industry in the country. As a prime organization of the publishers and booksellers, it looks after all issues of publishing industry and its connected members such as writers, authors, editors, proofreaders, vendors, and so on.

Bangladesh Publishers & Book-sellers Association's (BAPUS') President is Mr. Arif Hossain Chhoton, and Secretary is Mr. M A Khaleque. BAPUS is run by a central committee comprises of 35 members. Presently, it has fifty four districts committee in Bangladesh which is gradually extending. Since 1979, Bangladesh Publishers & Booksellers Association has been connected with the Ekushey Book Fair, national book fair of Bangladesh. The Central Office of BAPUS is located at Liakat Avenue, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka.

Contact Info:


Bangladesh Publishers & Booksellers Association (BAPUS):
3 Liakat Avenue, Jonson Road, Bangla Bazar,
Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh
Mobile: +88029533054, +88029533055, 01911725479 (President) 01715937633 (Secretary)


Published Date: 24/06/2023

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