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  • Diploma Krishibid Institution Bangladesh (DKIB)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Diploma Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh (DKIB) is a non-profit and non-partisan welfare organization of the Professional Agronomists who have obtained Diploma Certificate on Agriculture from Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). DKIB is a leading organization of the Diploma Agronomists in the country. The Headquarter of Diploma Krishibid Institution Bangladesh is situated at Farmgate in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is working for professional development of its members, protecting Diploma Agronomistsí rights, creating comradeship among the members, and for over all development of the country and the nation. The Institution regularly organizes training program, meeting, seminar, symposia, research, publishing, etc. Both the currently serving and retired Diploma Agronomists, who have attained Diploma Certificate on Agriculture from BTEB, can be member of this Institution.

Contact Info:

Headquarter of Diploma Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh
Agriculture Laboratory Building, Farming Road
Farmgate, Dhaka-1215
Telephone: 02-9131580
Fax: 02-9116332


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